1. I'm linking a *New York Times* Opinion piece addressing, from several
women's points of view, a number of topics being  discussed in this thread:


2. After careful reading and consideration of your posts, I've formed the
opinion that, in the USA, it is most likely that each academic department
or university will respond individually to the concerns many of you have
(see Duke for one example in A&S). It seems unlikely to me that, in the
USA, the issues will be addressed structurally as they have been in most W
European countries. In the final analysis, there may be no strategy that
serves all requirements. Anyway...TBC...

clara b. jones
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Hi Karen,

The problem with this framework is that you risk guilting parents (usually
women) for choices they
are forced to make, or even those they may genuinely want to make,
especially if the parents' level of
engagement doesn't match what others expect. Like I said earlier, for some
people, a mother's
choosing to work at all is irresponsible. Framing arguments in this way is
ultimately damaging and
shifts the burden away from institutions who need to step up and support
parents, and instead shifts
that burden to parents for whom choice may be relative and is definitely
highly value-laden. I don't
see the value in reminding people who are probably already very aware that
that can't spend enough
time with their kids that, in addition for working hard to provide their
family at the expense of having
a fulfilling life, they're also not really raising their kids. Those
choices were probably hard to make. I
also still fail to see how that is relevant to a discussion of women in
academia-- the overwhelming
evidence is that women are leaving academia because there aren't
institutions in place to support
them, not that women are abandoning their families.

Best wishes,


clara b. jones

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