Hello Leigh,

We haven't decided when and where the check in will be yet, we'll try to
find a time and format that works for everyone who wants to participate.  I
will add you to the list of interested people, and you can help us plan.


On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 1:54 PM, Leigh Thelmadatter <osama...@hotmail.com>

> hi.. when and where can I participate in the biweekly check in?
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> Hello all,
> As Tighe and Sage said, the Program and Events Dashboard is pretty much
> ready for beta users.  There will be bugs that we haven't found yet, and
> there are features that we want to implement but haven't yet.  But you can
> create a program on any wiki language project, such as Spanish Wikipedia or
> Armenian Wictionary.  Sage gave a good breakdown of what we are working on
> right now, and we are hoping to make a small announcement to current
> program leaders early October (which is also when WikiConference North
> America is happening).  Here's what you can do to get involved, if you are
> interested:
> 1) Translate the Dashboard interface: with the helpful info from Vira and
> Nemo in the thread above, you can translate the Dashboard into your
> programs' language(s).
> 2) Give feedback: particularly on things that things that are broken.
>  (Feedback on things that would be nice to have in the future is good too
> but won't be addressed as immediately.)  You can submit the bug on
> phabricator [1], or email it to Tighe or I, and we'll get it to the
> developers and put you in touch with them if they need clarification.
> 3) Join a bi-weekly check-in of beta users.  Informal, half-hour meeting
> in which the developers update us on what they have fixed and are fixing,
> early adopters discuss how they are using the Dashboard, and everyone
> shares the bugs they found.  Ideally, users who are more comfortable with
> phabricator can help submit the bugs found by users less familiar with
> phabricator.  Email me if you are interested in joining.  I will also be
> reaching out to some people who have been creating test programs on the
> Dashboard as well, so you may here from me again then.
> Hope all of this helps, please let me know if I can clarify anything.
> Woohoo for a (mostly) working Dashboard!
> All the best,
> Amanda
> [1] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/tag/education-program-dashboard/
> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 9:40 AM, Sage Ross <ragesoss+wikipe...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 5:30 AM, Federico Leva (Nemo)
>> <nemow...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> > Vira Motorko, 22/09/2016 12:45:
>> >>
>> >> Btw, please remind me, how much time it takes for translations made on
>> >> translatewiki.net <http://translatewiki.net> to appear on Dashboard
>> >
>> >
>> > As mentioned in
>> > https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Localisation_for_
>> developers#Export
>> > , translations are exported every few days. I don't know how often the
>> > sysadmins update the code on the website you mentioned, though; whoever
>> > knows may want to add this information to
>> > https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Wiki_Ed_Dashboard , if
>> that's the
>> > same project.
>> >
>> > Nemo
>> >
>> >
>> I've been deploying to the Programs & Events Dashboard irregularly,
>> usually every couple of weeks. I deployed the latest version about an
>> hour ago.
>> Vojtěch's posts on Phabricator haven't been ignored; we've fixed some
>> of the easier ones already, and I know that Danny Horn, who is
>> managing the efforts of the WMF Community Tech team to make
>> improvements to the Programs & Events Dashboard, has seen them all.
>> For now, my understanding is that the top priority items on their
>> agenda are:
>> 1. To allow the dashboard to handle events — like edit-a-thons — that
>> take place on a single day and have a specific start and end time, so
>> that the statistics will reflect only what happens during the exact
>> timeframe that organizers intend.
>> 2. To fix some of the language that is still overly classroom-focused.
>> 3. To build out a concept of "Campaigns" that will make it possible to
>> create a single event in a larger campaign that follows a standard
>> format for that campaign.
>> It sounds like the current trajectory will have the first and maybe
>> second of those done by WikiConference North America, so the tentative
>> plan would be to have the more publish launch the Tighe referrred to
>> around then. But for education programs in particular, it's probably
>> not going to be a significantly different by then.
>> -Sage
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