OK, this is probably a good place to ask:

When trying to copy a weak-ish signal in noise and "other stuff" in the 50's, one of my crewmates at the coastal marine station told me to lay the cans on the desk, face up. It works. I don't know why, maybe someone here knows. Surprisingly, I generally didn't need to turn the gain up much if at all.

The receiver I used most on our HF frequencies was a brand new Collins 51J4. The military version was the R-388A. It had 6 and 3 KHz mech filters, and a separate, adjustable crystal filter. Did not cover 500 Kcs which was particularly noise and full of signals at night, however the trick worked on those receivers too, so it wasn't just the mech filter.


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This is nothing new.  K3ZO has been doing this for about 30 years (at
using wide filters and his ears as DSP.

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