> On Sep 21, 2016, at 11:33 AM, Matt Murphy <m...@nq6n.com> wrote:
> In terms of the phase shift introduced by filters, I assume the distortion
> introduced by the filter is commensurate with the steepness of the skirts?

When designing an analog filter, you can optimize the amplitude response
(Chebyshev or Elliptic) or the phase response (Bessel), or a compromise

Digital filters can optimize both the amplitude and phase response (FIR),
but they add delay in the time domain.

Once again, no free lunch in physics.

The textbook for my analog filter class was “Analog Filter Design” by
M. E. Van Valkenburg. Filters are designed by computer now, but the
math should be pretty much the same.


Walter Underwood
http://observer.wunderwood.org/ (my blog)

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