What I would love [to buy] for the KX2: a pair of speakers, thus: an SPX2A 
speaker (with an inboard stereo amplifier) which can be used alone as a 
monaural speaker—but which is also configurable for stereo audio with the 
addition of the optional SPX2P

Joan KX2CW

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra, said Piglet.
Shaka, when the walls fell, said Pooh.

> On Apr 12, 2018, at 10:06, Robert J. Morris <ag...@iloc.com> wrote:
> I've built a prototype powered external speaker for the KX3, and would
> like some feedback on what folks would desire in terms of features, and
> whether folks would want to own one. 
> The speaker currently is designed to match the overall look of the KX3
> and PX3, and accept similar third-party panels and covers as for the KX
> line. Presently, it uses the same legs and feet as the KX3 and PX3, and
> is the same height and depth as those. There is one USB port for
> charging the internal lithium battery, and input and output stereo
> jacks. The speaker is mono. The output jack redirects the right channel
> from the stereo input for a second speaker, just like with the Elecraft
> SP3 and other similar external speakers. The speaker is amplified. 
> The SPX3 puts out a maximum of 3W, and is about as loud as any external
> radio speaker gets. Volume is adjusted by the KX3. It plugs into the KX3
> PHONES jack. There is a built-in low pass filter to reduce noise and
> improve the listening experience. 
> The prototype, as you'll see in pictures in the links below, is slightly
> narrower than the expected finished product. The speaker driver and
> on/off switch are both waterproof, but - just like the KX3 and PX3 - the
> case isn't. So, don't drop it in a lake. It will handle all conditions
> appropriate for the KX3, and is meant for indoor and outdoor use. Having
> matched the case design so closely to the KX3, it isn't as airtight as
> I'd like it, so the next prototype will have the case halves join in a
> more customary way, but remain the same dimensions and overall look.
> This will also improve ingress protection. 
> You'll see the speaker is not a polished finished product yet, as it's a
> rough first prototype made by hand. Your feedback will assure the final
> product is what you want gracing your portable shack. 
> Please note, the KX3 in the photo is only to demonstrate the speaker. 
> All feedback is welcome. Please let me know which reasonable
> enhancements or simplifications you'd like to see.
> Examples:
> * Would you want an output USB port to use the speaker to charge your
> phone?
> * Would you want to dispense with the built-in battery, and run it
> entirely from external power?
> * Would you want a second passive speaker driven by the first to save on
> weight and cost? That is, a SPX3A (active, with battery, charger, and
> amp) and SPX3P (passive, with only speaker driver)
> * If you're a KX2 user, would you like me to produce the SPX2 (also in
> development)? 
> Pictures:
> SPX3 with KX3: http://www.iloc.com/ag6zz/SPX3/AG6ZZ_SPX3_KX3.JPG
> SPX3 Left Oblique:
> http://www.iloc.com/ag6zz/SPX3/AG6ZZ_SPX3_LeftOblique.JPG
> SPX3 Right Oblique:
> http://www.iloc.com/ag6zz/SPX3/AG6ZZ_SPX3_RightOblique.JPG 
> 73,
> Robert (AG6ZZ) 
> SPX2, SPX2A, SPX2P, SPX3, SPX3A, and SPX3P are Trademarks (TM) of Robert
> J. Morris
> SPX2, SPX2A, SPX2P, SPX3, SPX3A, and SPX3P are Copyright (C) 2018 by
> Robert J. Morris
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