I just found the message at the bottom from Bob N3MNT in the online
archive. I don't know why it wasn't emailed to me. Here's my response:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your inquiry.

The first prototype, though fully functional, is a proof of concept, and
far from the final product. I'm making changes to the amplifier and
enclosure which will alter the sound of the speaker. Also, the speaker
driver may change. So, it's premature to make judgements of its sound
quality. Furthermore, you should be aware that listening to recordings
of audio equipment leaves a lot to be desired. After all, you wouldn't
be listening to the SPX3 itself, but to what was picked up by the
microphone and recording equipment I would have available, then played
back on whatever computer, audio gear, and speakers or headphone you
have on hand. Not only that, what sounds best to you may be different
than what sounds best to someone standing next to you. It would be best
to hear the final product in person.

My endeavor is to create a product that sounds as good as possible to
most listeners within the compromises necessary to get all the features
folks most want in a very small, crowded enclosure and keep the price
reasonable for what folks will be purchasing. Then, improve it as users
provide feedback from how they choose to use it.

Thanks and 73,
Robert (AG6ZZ)


Bob N3MNT [1] Fri, 13 Apr 2018 13:59:07 -0700 [2] 

If possible could yu post an audio clip with both SSB and CW.  


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