Hi Bill, 

My post from this morning says the speaker will be outputting both
channels, so this is good news for users of such software. 

Thanks and 73,
Robert (AG6ZZ)

On 2018-04-16 10:15, Bill Frantz wrote:

> Some RTTY software supports the subreceiver with dual decode, using both left 
> and right channels on the K3/K3S. I haven't experimented with dual watch on 
> the KX3, but it is probably useful to get both channels into the PC for 
> digimodes.
> 73 Bill AE6JV
> On 4/16/18 at 4:50 AM, donw...@embarqmail.com (Don Wilhelm) wrote:
>> It is not the KX2/KX3 that decides which channel from the soundcard is used, 
>> but the PC application software.  In general the left channel is used for 
>> digital work, but some can reverse it.
>> So it is best to buffer the PHONES output and send it off to a separate jack.
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