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> To Peter, then, goes the question: Which costs were just too much to bear?

Going to JS to do somethings is easy for non-ui needs.
One could use ports (or learn to use Native) and have some functionality
implemented using some other JS libraries.

The problem is when the JS stuff one needs is UI related like the JS
components that I needed.
The costs became too high when I tried to integrate widgets in Elm UI.
To be honest, I still don't know if this can be done in a reliable way.
Maybe it was just my lack of skill or maybe there should be a warning for
the people who what to start with Elm (as opposed to those who start in
something else and embed Elm)  to forget about all the JS driven components
when going for elm-html. :)
Also, I might add that not all JS widgets are created equal. Some get by
with just some class changes. These are very friendly to an Elm port.
>From my experience, porting the Dropdown from SemanticUI was doable,
porting JSSOR, not so much.

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