>  Or you can define a Web Component 
>> <https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Web_Components> like 
>> <myRadioButton> and then call node "myRadioButton" to create one. No C++ 
>> involved.
>> What's wrong with that?
>> Nothing. 
> If Elm provides an official way to use TEA in order to implement Custom 
> Elements the discussions around Components will go away.
> If someone comes and says "What if I have many small components that are 
> unavoidably stateful" the answer would be, "just use 
> elm-lang/custom-element" 

If nothing is wrong with Web Components, why not use them?

There are a ton of them 
<https://elements.polymer-project.org/browse?package=paper-elements> you 
could use right now, for MDL in particular, that work right off the shelf.

Why block on a hypothetical future language feature when there already 
exists a way for you to code your Elm application the way you would if that 
feature existed?


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