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> This is the known bug I told you about in another thread. It will be
> fixed soon after org-element hits core.

Oh... I guess I missed that email :(  At least I know that named captions are 
working for images. 

In other news...

Other things I got working today are:

1. Checklists, in Groff will be: White bullet for on, Black bullet for
off and hyphen. These map to .BL command. 
2. Descriptive lists. It maps to a .VL statement with an inch separation (2.54 
for those in metric) between item and description.
3. Inline links for image types [[file:image.eps]] resolves to .PSPIC
"image.eps" while a [[file:image.pic]] link resolves to a .PS/.PE pair. 
4. Gnuplot support, embeds gpic or eps. You get better results with gpic. 
5. Direct Groff commands. Now equations can be embedded. (via EQ/EN/EC)
6. Cleaned up some of the links output to make it look pretty :)

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