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> Hi Sevayu!
>> have the content pages at the end instead of the front. Is there any
>> particular reason for that?
> Yes there is a reason.
> The MM implementation of table of contents collects all the headers and
> captions that have read up to the point of execution of the table of
> content command.
> If you want to collect all the headers, the table of content command
> must be placed at the end. The idea was that you placed those pages in
> the right order before "shipping" the document after printing. Now in
> the day of PDF files, it may look weird to have it there but being
> that the implementation of the macro has not changed, it still needs
> to be the last command in the document.

Ah, so it's a legacy reason. It is always great to learn about history.
:) Maybe this information would be worth mentioning in the future
documentation for the groff exporter.



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