suvayu ali <> writes:

>> suvayu ali <> writes:
>> Yes there is a reason.
> Ah, so it's a legacy reason. It is always great to learn about history.
> :) Maybe this information would be worth mentioning in the future
> documentation for the groff exporter.

Yeah, I would say it is more of an implementation reason, but legcy will
do as well. :).  I tried the same with the MOM and MS macros, same
results. Table of content command needs to be placed at the end of the
file and it will be printed at the end. 

I'm aware that documentation is lacking, but this code is still in quite 
active development. I have been making comments relevants as I go by
through the code. 

Today is my last day of holidays though; the rate of development will
slow down. 

(at least my wife's cousins are gone... )

Luis Anaya
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