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> On Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 5:09 AM, Eric S Fraga <e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
>> For me, the killer feature is the ability to put inline tasks in the
>> document so that I know what I need to work on without having to have a
>> separate task list or todo items within my general day to day task
>> list.  Then a simple "C-c / t" shows me all the tasks for the current
>> document.
> Thus far I've mostly used Org as a LaTeX editor and haven't really
> taken the time to learn and use the task tracking, but I really like
> this idea. I haven't looked, but I'm sure there are variables to
> control whether TODO state gets exported.


,----[ C-h v org-latex-format-inlinetask-function RET ]
| org-latex-format-inlinetask-function is a variable defined in `ox-latex.el'.
| Its value is org-latex-format-inlinetask
| Original value was 
| org-latex-format-inlinetask-default-function
|   This variable may be risky if used as a file-local variable.
| Documentation:
| Function called to format an inlinetask in LaTeX code.
| The function must accept seven parameters:
|   TODO      the todo keyword (string or nil)
|   TODO-TYPE the todo type (symbol: `todo', `done', nil)
|   PRIORITY  the inlinetask priority (integer or nil)
|   NAME      the inlinetask name (string)
|   TAGS      the inlinetask tags (list of strings or nil)
|   CONTENTS  the contents of the inlinetask (string or nil)
|   INFO      the export options (plist)
| The function should return the string to be exported.
| You can customize this variable.
| This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in
| version 25.1 of Emacs.
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: Eric S Fraga (0xFFFCF67D), Emacs 24.4.1, Org release_8.3beta-595-g5945be

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