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> Marcin Borkowski writes:
>> I mostly agree, but the above is not true: see TeX-pin-region 
>> and TeX-command-region.  Bottom line: IMHO no point in dividing 
>> into many files.
> You are right, you can compile a region in AUCTeX, or export just 
> a region in org, but the problem (besides having to select the 
> region as compared to a fast C-c C-c C-m) is that the result does 
> not have the whole document, just the part you selected, so you 
> miss seeing the exported part in context. For example, you miss 
> the ability to read before or after in the pdf and use a backward 
> search to find the code that corresponds to the next part that you 
> want to edit. If you use a main file plus several files in LaTeX, 
> the whole document is preserved but the compilation just runs in 
> the files with changes, and the backward search from the pdf 
> points to the right point in the right file (at least with evince 
> it does).


1. C-c C-r C-m is not /that/ slower than C-c C-c C-m ;-).  You only
select the region once (with C-c C-t C-r) and it persists until

2. I did not get your second part.  AFAIK, it is impossible to compile
just one file in the document and still get the whole pdf as a result.
I agree with backward search, it might not work (I don't know, I hardly
ever use it – I have C-s and C-r and don't feel the need for it...).

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