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> On Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 at 19:00, Jacob Gerlach wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I'm starting writing my thesis, for which I hope to remain in org-mode
>> rather than regular LaTeX.
> I would encourage this.  Although I have been using LaTeX for almost 30
> years, I now do all of my writing in org with the odd LaTeX directive
> when necessary.  With all the various LaTeX helper bits in org
> (e.g. preview), there is little advantage to writing directly in LaTeX
> any longer.

On the contrary: Org-mode (however I like it) does not have the
functions and keybindings that make writing LaTeX in AUCTeX so
pleasant.  C-c C-e can be simulated by speed keys to enter special
blocks (to some extent, at least), but AFAIK there's no equivalent of
C-u C-c C-e, nor (C-u) C-c C-f, nor C-c C-l with C-x ` (and probably
some others I forgot about).

BTW: are there any plans to support similar thing in Org?  Maybe not in
the core, but some kind of "plugin" in contrib?  Like: convert region to
italic/bold, or enter a special block with autocompletion (e.g., based
on other special blocks in this very file), or change the surrounding
special block to another one?

OTOH, I don't try to convert anyone to using LaTeX; I'm only saying that
there are valid reasons to use LaTeX over Org, at least in some cases.
Though I would guess that they mean anything only for seasoned
LaTeX/AUCTeX users: if you have invested over half of your life in
learning TeX/LaTeX, and over a third of your life to learn AUCTeX,
switching and having to fight your muscle memory is not an easy
option;-).  (And probably for some very special cases, too, where you
have to manually tweak a lot of things with low-level TeX code, for

> For me, the killer feature is the ability to put inline tasks in the
> document so that I know what I need to work on without having to have a
> separate task list or todo items within my general day to day task
> list.  Then a simple "C-c / t" shows me all the tasks for the current
> document.

And that is insanely cool, I have to say.  (Though one can M-x occur in
LaTeX - not the same, but close.)


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