On Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014 at 19:00, Jacob Gerlach wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm starting writing my thesis, for which I hope to remain in org-mode
> rather than regular LaTeX.

I would encourage this.  Although I have been using LaTeX for almost 30
years, I now do all of my writing in org with the odd LaTeX directive
when necessary.  With all the various LaTeX helper bits in org
(e.g. preview), there is little advantage to writing directly in LaTeX
any longer.

For me, the killer feature is the ability to put inline tasks in the
document so that I know what I need to work on without having to have a
separate task list or todo items within my general day to day task
list.  Then a simple "C-c / t" shows me all the tasks for the current

> I am working on adapting a thesis LaTeX template into org-mode. The
> template is set up with a main.tex having several individual files
> (chapters, appendices, etc) \include'd.
> I believe that I could parallel this using org's publishing mechanism. An
> alternate approach would be to use one single file, since I can simply fold
> chapters to focus my workflow.


> My first concern is losing the ability to use internal links if I use
> separate files. Another thought is compilation time if I use one file and
> must always run pdflatex over the entire document. I'm sure there are
> pitfalls either way that I'm not yet aware of.

As others have said, you can export just subtrees when you wish.  Not an
issue generally.

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