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On 2014-11-26, at 20:00, Jacob Gerlach wrote:

Just my 2 cents: I'd go for LaTeX if heavy math typesetting is involved (then amsmath!), maybe for Org otherwise, check whether the template imposes a many-file structure (which it probably doesn't), and keep everything in one file.

I would disagree here. I do not see, that writing equations in LaTeX is substantially easier than in org. Or put the other way round: org's support for equations is quite good.

There is no way that writing equations can be faster in org than in AUCTeX, since AUCTeX is designed for that, especially with LaTeX-math-mode, two keys write any Greek symbol for example. And all the support for completion of commands, environments and environment variables, changing fonts, sectioning, integration with reftex... By the way, AUCTeX supports many packages by default including amsmath, so just adding the proper \usepackage{amsmath} in the preamble makes AUCTeX fontify in math-mode align, gather, multline, and their starred equivalents.

The one thing that org is better at is tables, but for that I use radiotables inside of AUCTeX.

And preview-latex is really speeding me up.

I have never been a fan of preview or any WYSIWYG editing, I feel like it slows me down, but if you use only org and are not used to LaTeX it could be helpful, in AUCTeX it is easier to read math because of the fonts used (for example subscripts and superscripts are written under and over the symbols). I would also suggest compiling with SyncTeX for forward search support, I do not know if forward search is possible with org.

That being said there is a learning curve associated with TeX/AUCTeX and if you are already very comfortable with org and do not have time for learning something new, perhaps it is better to stick with org.

If you decide to go with LaTeX, the reason to split your dissertation in several chapters is so that the compilation can run faster, since when you change a chapter and compile only that chapter is compiled again. This is a substantial gain in compilation time with big documents (books, dissertations). If you decide to go with several org files and the publishing mechanism or a single org file, I think that every time that you export the whole document needs to be compiled.



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