Marcin Borkowski writes:

I mostly agree, but the above is not true: see TeX-pin-region and TeX-command-region. Bottom line: IMHO no point in dividing into many files.

You are right, you can compile a region in AUCTeX, or export just a region in org, but the problem (besides having to select the region as compared to a fast C-c C-c C-m) is that the result does not have the whole document, just the part you selected, so you miss seeing the exported part in context. For example, you miss the ability to read before or after in the pdf and use a backward search to find the code that corresponds to the next part that you want to edit. If you use a main file plus several files in LaTeX, the whole document is preserved but the compilation just runs in the files with changes, and the backward search from the pdf points to the right point in the right file (at least with evince it does).



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