Hi Piotr:

The easy way to answer your questions is to request a copy of the TUV report.

1. I suppose that 12 doorlock manufacturer can use only functional isolation 
betwean 12V and its metal casing as he can assume (I think) that he gets safe 
If I'm wrong with it let me know.

Yes, only functional insulation between the 12 volts and the metal casing.

2. Then as doorlock metal casing can be touched by user than 12V have to be 
SELV circuit I think.

Yes.  SELV or PELV; makes no difference.

3. I'm not sure if the 12V output from this supply is SELV - is it enough to 
test the isolation with 3kV.

No, 3 kV alone is not sufficient.  The isolation must also meet creepage and 
clearance distances after being subject to a mechanical test of the isolation 
means and the conductors.  

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