On 09/08/2016 09:56 AM, Florian Rist wrote:
> Hi Jon
>> Yes, I thought about building a receiver out of various
>> parts, but there are application specific parts that combine
>> all this in one unit.  Most are made with 38 KHz band pass
>> filters for VCR remote controls,
> Yes, that's why I didn't even look into theses integrated devices.
>> but the QSE159 does not
>> have the BPF, looked to be sensitive enough, and was really
>> cheap ($1.06)
> Indeed, interesting.
> Not sure if it is sensitive enough, 0.25 mW/cm² worst case translates to
> 2.5W/m², that's quite a lot. But, now that I started looking, there are
> quite a few similar integrated devices available, some with much high
> sensitivity down to at least 10µW/cm². However most are lacking the
> Schmitt-trigger of the QSE159, nice part, that you found, I'm going to
> get one, too.
I have no idea what the radiated power of the Blum probe is, 
but it has 12 big surface-mount LEDs arranged around the 
periphery.  The QSE sensor picks it up very well out past 
6", which is all the sensitivity I will need.


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