I ordered some QSE159's to use as detectors and some ir leds for 
generating turn on.  I have an FPGA board and some arduino's to try for 
the control logic.  One question.  If an FPGA can be used for the 
control logic, couldn't the FPGA on the Mesa card be programmed to 
include this?  I do think initially this should be done separately until 
everything is well understood, but it just doesn't appear that should be 
very complicated in FPGA terms.

On 9/20/16 11:59 AM, Sarah Armstrong wrote:
> Guy's
> i'm looking at my renishaw probes , i'm not sure if i am seeing this
> correctly
> but apart from decoding the stream , i'm seeing  when not touching the
> probe emits a signal at about 150khz. When it senses touch it goes up to
> 160khz.
> but at the moment i'm not sure , as the only ir detectors i have works at
> 38k
> i'm using an arduino for quickness , although i would be using a stm32 once
> iv'e figured it all out
> On 20 September 2016 at 00:57, hubert <> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> This thread and it's follow on triggered my interest, so I just snagged
>> a Renishaw MP3 probe on Ebay and now face the task of interfacing this
>> to my New CNC mill which I am due to pickup later this week.  I ordered
>> the mill with LinuxCNC using the Mesa cards to interface to the
>> computer.  The mill uses Servo's on X,Y,Z.  It is a small mill with a 12
>> position tool changer, thus I am hoping to put the probe in one of the
>> pockets and use it to sense work-piece position, and also to digitize.
>> While this is my Hobby mill I am hoping to get close to 100micro inches
>> repeatability.  I would appreciate any pointers to available data for
>> building/buying a relatively inexpensive transmitter receiver for this
>> purpose.
>> On 9/8/16 11:07 AM, Jon Elson wrote:
>>> On 09/08/2016 09:56 AM, Florian Rist wrote:
>>>> Hi Jon
>>>>> Yes, I thought about building a receiver out of various
>>>>> parts, but there are application specific parts that combine
>>>>> all this in one unit.  Most are made with 38 KHz band pass
>>>>> filters for VCR remote controls,
>>>> Yes, that's why I didn't even look into theses integrated devices.
>>>>> but the QSE159 does not
>>>>> have the BPF, looked to be sensitive enough, and was really
>>>>> cheap ($1.06)
>>>> Indeed, interesting.
>>>> Not sure if it is sensitive enough, 0.25 mW/cm² worst case translates to
>>>> 2.5W/m², that's quite a lot. But, now that I started looking, there are
>>>> quite a few similar integrated devices available, some with much high
>>>> sensitivity down to at least 10µW/cm². However most are lacking the
>>>> Schmitt-trigger of the QSE159, nice part, that you found, I'm going to
>>>> get one, too.
>>> I have no idea what the radiated power of the Blum probe is,
>>> but it has 12 big surface-mount LEDs arranged around the
>>> periphery.  The QSE sensor picks it up very well out past
>>> 6", which is all the sensitivity I will need.
>>> Jon
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