On 09/20/2016 11:59 AM, Sarah Armstrong wrote:
> Guy's
> i'm looking at my renishaw probes , i'm not sure if i am seeing this
> correctly
> but apart from decoding the stream , i'm seeing  when not touching the
> probe emits a signal at about 150khz. When it senses touch it goes up to
> 160khz.
> but at the moment i'm not sure , as the only ir detectors i have works at
> 38k
When I first started analyzing the Blum probe, I just put a 
photodiode right next to the emitter LEDs on the probe, and 
pulled it to +5V with a 1K resistor or thereabouts.  It was 
very clear what was happening with a scope.  The Blum sends 
a single serial byte at about 60 Hz, and then sends a byte 
whenever the probe status changes.  One bit flips to 
indicate the probe deflection.

Most of the IR receivers are set for 38 KHz, but the QSE159 
does not have a bandpass filter, and has very fast 
response.  I do see some variation in the width of the bits 
as distance is varied, but it works fine over the range I 
expect to be using.


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