On 09/20/2016 06:27 PM, hubert wrote:
> Jon
> I ordered some QSE159's to use as detectors and some ir leds for
> generating turn on.  I have an FPGA board and some arduino's to try for
> the control logic.  One question.  If an FPGA can be used for the
> control logic, couldn't the FPGA on the Mesa card be programmed to
> include this?
Undoubtedly so.  But, I am a competitor to Mesa, and so tend 
to use my OWN gear!
I have a board with a Spartan XC3S50AN, a small FPGA with 
built-in config EPROM that I usually sell as a converter for 
Fanuc serial encoders.  It had just the right complement of 
input and output converters.

If you know FPGA programming, then dive right in.  That's an 
art not too many CNC guys are up to speed on.
>    I do think initially this should be done separately until
> everything is well understood, but it just doesn't appear that should be
> very complicated in FPGA terms.
No, the trouble with the Blum probe was figuring out exactly 
what it wanted for turn-on and turn-off.
I was flying fairly blind, and just increased and decreased 
pulse width, pulse frequency and burst length until I got a 
reliable turn-on/off.  I started with a pulse generator, and 
when I had come up with boundaries on all these, I set the 
FPGA for the middle of those ranges.

Once the probe was turned on, figuring out the output data 
pattern was completely trivial.


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