Greetings everybody;

A bit too cold this morning to go out to the shop and saw out the thicker 
spacers I am going to need to permanently mount the Z motor and screw 

So, not wanting to waste the day waiting for it to warm, I went back to 
work on the encoder thing this morning.

I now have an additional tab of alu extending to the left to hold one of 
these ATS667's as an index pulse generator, and have that one s-glued in 
a bit beyond where the center of the glued on screw passes by, hoping it 
won't trigger on a regular tooth.

But, I've never used any of these before.  No clue as to their bad 

The spec sheet I have shows a "required" .1 bypass to ground on the VCC 
lead, but has anyone had any problems using just one for all 3 devices? 
This thing is cramped for space for a bulky mylar .1.

So I intend to put an even larger tantalum on the pcb, which will be on 
the left face of this added tab as I can let it project inward nearly 20 
mm's in that space, lots of space before encountering anything that 
moves there.  That means I'll have to paste some wrapping wire to extend 
the leads about 1" to get to the pcb.  So this bypass cap may be as much 
as 2" of wire away from the device body.

Can anyone testify that the extra lead length is a problem?

Thanks all.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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