On Saturday 15 October 2016 02:55:39 Chris Albertson wrote:

> Actually it's easy.  You use a hot air re-work station.   Basically a
> hair drier with a 1/8th inch diameter nozzle.
> Hold the little part in place with a wood tooth pick and aim the hot
> air generally at the part.  The solder on the part and the PCB melt,
> release the toothpick and surface tension then aligns the part on the
> PCB pad before the solder resolidifies.   You can do it with a solder
> iron but it's harder.  Hot air stations have gotten cheap, as low as
> $40.

Already have one, sitting about 3 feet away ATM. :)

> > >    They are cheaper than the through hole caps that I normally
> > > buy. Hand soldering them will be a royal PIMA!
> >
> > At .2mm x.4mm, you have that right, the pain will be in My Ass. My
> > hands are just starting to get nervous,

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