Actually it's easy.  You use a hot air re-work station.   Basically a hair
drier with a 1/8th inch diameter nozzle.
Hold the little part in place with a wood tooth pick and aim the hot air
generally at the part.  The solder on the part and the PCB melt, release
the toothpick and surface tension then aligns the part on the PCB pad
before the solder resolidifies.   You can do it with a solder iron but it's
harder.  Hot air stations have gotten cheap, as low as $40.

> >    They are cheaper than the through hole caps that I normally buy.
> > Hand soldering them will be a royal PIMA!
> >
> At .2mm x.4mm, you have that right, the pain will be in My Ass. My hands
> are just starting to get nervous,


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