On 14.10.16 18:41, MC Cason wrote:
>    Here is one in a 01005 package (Metric 0402)   0.016"L x 0.008"W - 
> (0.40mm x 0.20mm) :
> http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/AVX/01016D104KATUA/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMs0AnBnWHyRQAwkDkDzLNakJDHmuCcZvLc%3d
>    They are cheaper than the through hole caps that I normally buy. Hand 
> soldering them will be a royal PIMA!

Gene, there appears to be room for an 0805 sized cap:


and they're a darn sight easier to wrangle┬╣, I find. An 0805 readily
solders directly between pins 1&4 of the ATS-667, if you can move pins
2&3 one grid out of line. There's then about 0.6 mm (0.024") to bridge
on each component end, according to preferred technique. (And not enough
path length for any quibbling about inductive Z)

If not inclined to buy a plastic box of assorted capacitor values, then
most retailers have them in little strips of 10 or so. (They're worth
about 0.00 individually, at the discount places, so we're lucky if
they're available in less than 100 quantity.)

(Who bought a magnifier lamp at the same time as the SMD tweezer-type
soldering station, and still doesn't want to muck with smaller than 0805.)

┬╣ Not only big enough to see, but there's enough meat on 'em to grab
  with a pair of tweezers, or hold down with a toothpick while soldering.
  (They can "tombstone", i.e. rear up when the first end is soldered,

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