On Saturday 15 October 2016 02:38:59 Chris Albertson wrote:

> A source for 0.1 bypass caps?   I buy most everything fro eBay now.
> But you don't want a film cap, you want a "Multilayer Monolithic
> Ceramic Capacitor".  I just happen to have one here on my desk and a
> copper US penny too.  I place the cap on the penny and see it is about
> 2/3 the size of Mr. Lincoln's head   or maybe 4x6 millimeters.   They
> typically sell for 1 cent each.
> Here is a random vendor, the first one Google found
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-1uF...
> <http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-1uF-Radial-Multilayer-Monolithic-Ceramic-Ca

Thats about right, I put a bag of them in my cart for $0.99.

> This shows how an RPM sensor from a Chinese mini lathe is mounted.  I
> build these using perf board for robot joints and wheels.  In this
> case their sensor points up from the PCB but you can bend the leads
> and have it look parallel to the PCB.  The picture shows an optical
> sensor but hall effects mount the same way  There is always room for a
> tiny passive part http://littlemachineshop.com...
> <http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?view=classic&P

I didn't see any all effect sensors, and that optical is too big unless I 
put one of Lester Caine's wheels clear out on the rear of the spindle.  
And there's nothing out there but air to bolt it to. The swingout cover 
on the left is empty now. I'll put a sheet metal roof over the z drive 
belt thats using an inch of that space.  Ditto the X drive belt but I've 
not quite visualized that one, yet. Possibly route a cover profile in 
1/4" alu, with a groove to hold some 24 gauge alu.

At least I don't have to sweat carving an optical encoding wheel with the 
ATS667's watching that 60 tooth bull gear.  Ack the docs, quadrature 
accuracy is off a couple percent, but I have a hal file kit that does 
a /4 to that error if needed.

Hint, use it only in the feedback path to the PID driving the spindle. I 
need to do that in both the G0704 and TLM's hal files after standing 
back to see the whole picture.

> One of my goals for my CNC mini-mill is to make PCBs by routing the
> space between the coper traces then I can convert to using surface
> mount parts even for one-off prototypes but for now I use these little
> radial lead 0.1 capacitors.  The surface mount equivalents are less
> than 1/4 the size.

I do that routing by hand, almost in a varoni style. 100x faster than 
trying to do something like that in eagle. I'll need, on the left face 
of the indexing 667 bracket, wire wrap pads for 5 surface connections, 
expanded out to where I have pads big enough I can paste the 
interconnect cable to it. Then I can use wrapping wire the last 1.5" to 
the devices.  And it all comes off as a unit with one 5mm bolt thru the 
front of the spindle houseing when I'm done. Where the index 667 is, I 
still need to carve a path for its 3 wires to that pad on the pcb. Its 
mounted in reverse in the trench, but the trench wasn't cut clear thru 
to the left end so the wires will have to go back by it to get out. I 
made the trench wide enough I can stuff the wrapping wire into the gap 
and spot them in place with a bit of superglue.

Next subject;
Time to check the gaskets in my dishwasher, it put a couple ounces of 
water on the floor during this run.  Real life is always bothering me 
with piddly stuff. :(

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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