Voltage to the card is 4.97V. The cable length is 2'. I had a spare, but the
same length. Swapped anyway and getting basically the same thing. A PITA
because it usually takes 1-3 hours for the error to occur after a cold
start. I am not seeing anything shorter than 3' on the Mesa Price list. The
distance in the panel between the parallel port on the computer and the 7i43
is easily less than 1'. This computer still has a DB25, but the new
motherboards I have use just a female header on the motherboard side too.
There must be an adapter that goes to a female DB25.

Is 2' still too much or is the problem elsewhere?


I would check that the 7I43s 5V power is OK and maybe try a shortened EPP
cable. A TRAM error means the EPP handshake failed (sort of like the card
reset or totallly lost communications somehow )

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