Far more information is needed to give you a fitting response. You need to
know what your actual torque needs are, even roughly quantified. I've
recently purchased several servo motors , due to not having a known torque
Your rpm requirement is quite low leaving a vfd 3phase motor wit not such a
good cooling.
What is the application? Spindle or motion control? If control then
attention has to be paid to the gearing mechanism or backlash will kick you
in the bum.
How is this motor to be mounted? What are your physical size constraints? 5
hp dc servo motors are available surplus for cheap that would drag a house
but they weigh half what a car does. A bldc motor and drive will get you
the most torque in the smallest area and give speed , matching 2.5kw bldc
and drive will be a b.o.a.t. ( break out another thousand)
The red caps are generally 2-3 k rpm , what response do you need at your
lowest rpm? And what is the lowest rpm. The red caps will give you great
low end torque but will have a threshold below which it will be weak
usually under 50 rpm on a 3000 rpm motor most drives give a 50:1 rpm ratio,
my carotron ( 5hp drive , driving a 3kw baldor servo motor) only gives a
20:1 and my low rpm below 50 can be hand stalled easily at 52 it will burn
your skin off.
The drive and power supply matter a lot as well for at least this reason.
Kb drives work well and don't require a power supply but are not isolated
and therefore require more hardware and strict electrical safety . So the
real answer is a few more questions.
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