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> You can find 3 phase gearbox equipped motors on Ebay that can get you 500
> rpm max.

Another alternative would be to simply get a slow-speed motor.
I have an 8-pole motor on my Rivett lathe. This one here is suggested
for use from 72 rpm to 1000rpm:
Add a 2:1 belt reduction and you have 30 to 500 rpm.
(I am unclear if there is any advantage between a many-pole motor and
a 2-pole motor with a large belt reduction).

As for drives to suit bargain motors from eBay: The STMBL (as
mentioned by John above) is useful up to about 2.2kW / 3hp and can be
configured to run rust about any 3-phase motor. (Induction or
permanent magnet).
They are pretty cheap (about £100 all-in) but the downside is that
availability is a bit spotty as they are an open-source hardware
design and you need to find someone ordering a batch if you don't want
(I recently bought an batch of 50, but they are all spoken-for)

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