On 04/11/2018 01:01 AM, David Berndt wrote:
Wondering if anyone had any preference/experience/advise to share with single phase capable larger servos. I'm looking at an application for a 3 to 5hp motor with a vfd, but if I could just get a servo to fill in that'd be nice. Gear reduction will be required, but something with more torque, needing less reduction will make things easier.Say ~500rpm as a goal maximum output.

I see things like Fanuc red cap servos (ai series? pulsecoder encoder) 2.5kw kicking around ebay. Driving something like that would seem to be the challenge?

Well, I have used the Fanuc "Red Cap" motors. The motors are awesome. The encoders are proprietary, but I (Pico Systems) have converters that handle most types, and give standard quadrature plus Hall signals. My brushless PWM servo amps will handle motors up to about 2 Hp, but a number of other servo amp makers can handle larger motors once the encoder signals are converted to industry-compatible signals.


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