On Thursday 21 March 2019 11:09:39 Tom Easterday wrote:

> We built “No Mister Misty” for a bunch of machines around our shop and
> they work great.  Traditional misters force coolant/lubricant under
> pressure out the end of a nozzle which atomizes the coolant.  Most of
> that goes into the air and after time your shop will be filled with a
> mist of coolant for you to inhale.  Our (not) mister uses a needle
> valve from McMaster that is epoxied into a machined brass block and
> allows you feed coolant through the valve which is then injected into
> the side of a stream of low pressure air, both coolant and air stream
> are at the same pressure.  There is then a tube 4-6” long with a small
> (flat faced) nozzle on the end with a 0.040” hole in it  That way the
> drops of lubricant are NOT atomized, but are carried out in tiny
> droplets in the air stream.  The vast majority ends up where you aim
> the nozzle and not in the air.  You can regulate the amount of coolant
> quite precisely with the needle valve.  They create very little mist.
> -Tom
Well, now having attempted to take it apart and inspect the needle valve, 
it turns out that the valve actually regulates the air flow but to a 
very minor degree as it has four more nominally #69 holes bypassing the 
needle seat even when its closed.

It also turns out that the fluid hose simply sails on by the mounting 
block as a continuous hose all the way from the tank to the nozzle, 
which is threaded on its OD so that the rear brass part screws on and 
off the end of the leaky plastic, which in turn controls the spacing of 
the jet and the adjustable end brass nozzle and that maximum suction 
lift is achieved when the internal/rear brass part connected is loosened 
at the gland, and it can then be reassembled one or perhaps two threads 
farther out, bringing the end of the nozzle approximately flush with the 
end of the outer brass fitting, and it  then develops enough suction to 
prime the suction line and make spray at about 20 psig, which once 
started, still works down to about 13 psig. But even then,the segmented 
air hose is leaking enough to blow out all all 85 candles on my next 
birthday cake.  Is this stuff all that poorly molded?

The real bottom line is that in addition to putting balanced 
pressure /in/ the fluid container, there is not _any_ facility to 
control the fluid flow in the whole thing.  So after I check the mailbox 
as I just heard the teeny white box truck go by, I'll go see if I can 
find a needle valve to put in the fluid line an inch or so from the 
mounting block else it will use up an 8 oz coke bottle of mix in about 2 
minutes, drowning the work and soaking the spoil board. It might even be 
something I'll have to make, and while needles are hard to make, I do 
have drills down to #80.  And I know how to do primitive EDM, which 
makes me think I might be able to do the needle and its seating orifice 
in one shot.

This is turning into one of the higher numbered Excedrin headaches.

But I'd  better get to it...
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> >> a quick google reminded me why this was familair
> >> try googling 'spray nozzle'
> >> i got
> >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spray_nozzle
> >> and it showed me that the flat surface exit made NO atomization
> >> thats not what you want, sorry
> >> ( i was trying to achieve the jumping water effect seen in many
> >> fountains and that flat exit was great for the hot dog of water
> >> effect ) if you want the fluid stream broken into tiny droplets ,
> >> the web page lists a lot of geometries to try
> >> tomp
> >>
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> >>>> Hello Mr Nozzle shape
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> >>> Did not get any useable hits on this side of the pond. URL?
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> >>> Cheers, Gene Heskett
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> > Thanks for the link. Sometimes Googling for the obvious terms gives
> > the best results!
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