On Friday 22 March 2019 10:06:24 Les Newell wrote:

> That's basically the Fogbuster design. It is a design that works well
> but uses quite a bit of air.  You lose most of the energy in the air
> by regulating it down to a fairly low pressure before you feed it into
> the tube.
And you lose a lot more air thru the poorly molded flex joints, probably 
5x what comes out the nozzle.

> That's why I went for my extended nozzle design that runs on ~100psi
> at the nozzle, with a very small annular jet. A small amount of air
> leaves the jet at high velocity and mixes with the surrounding air to
> produce a lower velocity column of air at a high flow rate. The
> extended nozzle injects coolant into the column at a point where it's
> velocity has fallen low enough that it can't atomize the coolant.

And I've been cogitating on how to restrict the fluid flow, so haven't 
made any chips yet.  Lack of the ability to bore very fine threads below 
nominally 10mm discourages me from attempting a needle valve design in 
some 1/2" thick brass bar I have is driving me toward a pinch the hose 
idea since the hose is so small anyway, I'm thinking of drilling and 
tapping into the motor mount, a couple 3mm.7 tapped holes 8mm or so 
apart, and making a flat piece with matching clearance holes, clamping 
that teeny hose between them and drawing it down with hex head cap 
screws to pinch it down to a red hair. Pressurizing the coke bottle 
takes care of priming the system and I can drill into the mount body to 
get that air easily enough. It will bleed back out of the bottle, and I 
can extend the inner nozzle to deliver what liquid does get thru the 
pinched section to roughly the middle of the annular air running at 
maybe 10 psi.

That way any particulates that get thru the sintered bronze filter on the 
end of the feed line in the coke bottle will hopefully not be so coarse 
as to block off the pinched area, AND theres nothing to corrode over 
time. Might have a cold flow problem with the hose, requiring a pinch 
adjustment occasionally, but thats to be fiddled with when its 

Anybody see any showstoppers??

> By the way Gene, the Chinese misters I linked to previously to have
> two tubes to the nozzle, one for air and one for coolant, so you don't
> get any leakage at the lock line joints. That's how I manage to run
> mine at high pressure.

Same here Les, now if we could just get the segmented outer line to hold 
air. I'm losing 90% of my input air blowing out the sides of the segment 
joints. Very poorly molded stuff. With a 2hp direct drive AC, its 
running 75% of the time at 15 psig. I'll burn it up sure as God made 
little green apples. A 10% duty would be my personal target. Giving it 
time to cool the cylinder head. Or perhaps put that 6" rotron I bought 
to put on the vfd, on the compressor instead? Its quiet enough to leave 
it run full time, and the compressor would last a LOT longer with active 
cooling full time.

The vfd doesn't seem to heat enough to need a fan other than the 3.5" in 
the box. I left it running at the 7i76D min, set at about 2400 rpm, all 
night, nothing warm enough to worry about, not even the water the next 
day. I can set that slower and might but theres only a small torque at 
that speed anyway.

Thanks Les, I appreciate the experience shared.
> Les
> On 21/03/2019 19:43, tom-...@bgp.nu wrote:
> > FWIW, here are models of the No Mister Misty:
> >
> > https://bgp.nu/~tom/pub/NoMisterMisty-Assy.f3d. (Fusion 360
> > Assembly) https://bgp.nu/~tom/pub/NoMisterMisty-Assy.zip (Solid
> > Works Assembly) https://bgp.nu/~tom/pub/NoMisterMisty-Assy.step
> > (.stp or step file)
> >
> > -Tom
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