That's basically the Fogbuster design. It is a design that works well but uses quite a bit of air.  You lose most of the energy in the air by regulating it down to a fairly low pressure before you feed it into the tube. That's why I went for my extended nozzle design that runs on ~100psi at the nozzle, with a very small annular jet. A small amount of air leaves the jet at high velocity and mixes with the surrounding air to produce a lower velocity column of air at a high flow rate. The extended nozzle injects coolant into the column at a point where it's velocity has fallen low enough that it can't atomize the coolant.

By the way Gene, the Chinese misters I linked to previously to have two tubes to the nozzle, one for air and one for coolant, so you don't get any leakage at the lock line joints. That's how I manage to run mine at high pressure.


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FWIW, here are models of the No Mister Misty: (Fusion 360 Assembly) (Solid Works Assembly) (.stp or step file)


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