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> > > > Lack of the ability to bore very fine threads below
> > > > nominally 10mm discourages me from attempting a needle valve
> > > > design
> Why not just mist using an atomising nozzle, much like they do outside
> restaurants on muggy days;
> https://www.aqualitywater.com/about-us
> (see the first drop-down, 'mist cooling' to see nozzles and price of.)
> While these use high pressure pumps, I'm sure you could just
> pressurise your system by using the water mains pressure.
> Sometimes there's a hole in the hosepipe and you get a beautiful fine
> mist coming off, so 4bar is plenty pressure to get a mist.
> Using air simply adds a bulk volume that has to go somewhere, and
> compressed air is expensive.
I think the evaporative cooling of carrying a cold liquid in a lot of air 
to help it evaporate is part of the theory.  So the air is a requirement 
of sorts.  I think thats the reasoning at least.

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