Hi Gene,

And you lose a lot more air thru the poorly molded flex joints, probably
5x what comes out the nozzle.
And I've been cogitating on how to restrict the fluid flow, so haven't
made any chips yet.

Considering the price of these coolant units <https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mist-Coolant-Lubrication-Spray-System-for-CNC-8mm-Pipe-Lathe-Mill-Drill-Machine/262805869835> is it worth messing around with what you have? They have the coaxial pipe design so the joints aren't under pressure. The needle valves are a bit coarse but they do work. They are also pretty easy to convert to my long nozzle design with some 2mm stainless tube <https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-304-Stainless-Steel-Capillary-Round-Tube-Bar-OD-2mm-x-1-6mm-ID-Length-500mm/264241354587>.

I have some misters that are very similar to yours. They are sitting on a shelf waiting to be used for spare parts.

That way any particulates that get thru the sintered bronze filter on the
end of the feed line in the coke bottle will hopefully not be so coarse
as to block off the pinched area, AND theres nothing to corrode over
I haven't had a lot of luck with pinching pipe to regulate low flow rates. Your mileage may very.

The outer air pipe in the misters I linked above is pretty simple. It is just a piece of nylon pipe that is a close fit in the flex joints and swaged out at each end to form a seal. If you can find some pipe that fits inside your mister flex joints you could probably do something similar.


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