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> > And I've been cogitating on how to restrict the fluid flow, so
> > haven't made any chips yet.  Lack of the ability to bore very fine
> > threads below nominally 10mm discourages me from attempting a needle
> > valve design in some 1/2" thick brass bar I have is driving me
> > toward a pinch the hose idea since the hose is so small anyway, I'm
> > thinking of drilling and tapping into the motor mount, a couple
> > 3mm.7 tapped holes 8mm or so apart, and making a flat piece with
> > matching clearance holes, clamping that teeny hose between them and
> > drawing it down with hex head cap screws to pinch it down to a red
> > hair. Pressurizing the coke bottle takes care of priming the system
> > and I can drill into the mount body to get that air easily enough.
> > It will bleed back out of the bottle, and I can extend the inner
> > nozzle to deliver what liquid does get thru the pinched section to
> > roughly the middle of the annular air running at maybe 10 psi.
> >
> > That way any particulates that get thru the sintered bronze filter
> > on the end of the feed line in the coke bottle will hopefully not be
> > so coarse as to block off the pinched area, AND theres nothing to
> > corrode over time. Might have a cold flow problem with the hose,
> > requiring a pinch adjustment occasionally, but thats to be fiddled
> > with when its encountered.
> >
> > Anybody see any showstoppers??
> Is there some reason not to use a commercial pneumatic needle valve?
> Perhaps not the best price nor quality but something like:
> https://www.amazon.com/Clippard-PQ-FV04-Plastic-Control-Tubing/dp/B01A
>63TGA0/ or
> https://www.amazon.com/Pneumatic-Connect-Fitting-Control-Degree/dp/B07
>L9ZGRTS/ They are available for various tubing sizes and NPT sizes.

Either one would do the job at $16 copy. In looking for brass versions, I 
found quite a few, nearly all at $70 and up to nearly $300 for higher 
pressure stuffs.  And if I had some brass stock for the screw I could 
make it, but steel screws would just rust and clog.

So I changed to a pinch the hose idea, which I'll do this afternoon. I 
can do that with a 1/2x3/4 piece of 1/8 alu panel scrap and a pair of 
3mm.7 cap screws I already have a box of. Probably cold flow problems 
with the plastic hose, but no long term corrosion to deal with.
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