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> Gene,
> And that is why if you had bought a comparable machine state side from
> a reputable manufacturer who would have stood behind it and supported
> it you would have paid 5 to 10 times as much for it.  You'd have been
> paying for those services not just the machine.
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That is without a doubt true, Todd, but this way, the money goes back out 
in small enough bits that it doesn't create any marital discord if the 
missus sees a bank statement. :) After nearly 30 years, she knows I 
spend a few here and there for my hobbies.  And in essence, thats my 
rate of spending money control.  But that doesn't cancel my right to 
belly ache and moan about it when it seems like I got screwed w/o even a 
decent kiss, to anyone that listens to my rants here.  I'm an old Iowa 
farm kid that learned a lot of stuff we had when I was 4 years old, that 
neighbors didn't was quite a bit of make do with what you had.  Grandpa 
built a 32 volt delco lighting system for his farm in Madison County, 
one wagonload of hand shelled corn, pulled by a team of horses every 
time he went to town to pick up and pay for another piece of it.  He 
wired the barn at the same time as he wired the house. Then the maytag 
kicked back and broke grandma's ankle the next spring, and he went to 
town with another wagon load of corn and came back with an electric 
motor and switch, and enough wire to put that motor on the maytag.  
Spring of '41, first electric washing machine outside the city limits of 
Winterset, the county set of Madison County Ia. The REA didn't exist 
till after the war. The Delco WinCharger broke its blade, he sat down 
and hand carved a new one with my mothers help with the curves because 
she was the only girl in the class on aviation technology in 1929 at Des 
Moines Technical High School. The finished blade caught more wind than 
the factory version, nearly doubled the generators output averaged over 
the next year. He was a pretty intelligent, God fearing man whom stomach 
cancer took in his late 60's, way too early IMNSHO. The only time I ever 
saw him cry was listening to FDR on the battery radio declaring war on 
Dec 8th 1941, because he knew there would be a lot of men go fight, and 
if they came back it was often in a box. Dinner grace prayers seldom 
failed to mention those men.

So I guess I got that attitude pretty early.  Now its 80 years later and 
only slightly worn off.

I just went out and cut the jacket off about 5" of line cord between the 
plug and the duplex strip, and installed a 4 pole 10 amp relay, 
controlled by the motion.motion-enabled output, all 4 poles in series 
and in series with the black wire as I've had relays hang on due to 
contact welding. With 4 poles breaking the circuit, it ought to be 
several thousand operations before I start worrying about that.

Now I'm waiting on a vfd I can control.  And headed out to get the missus 
her daily crosswords and something to eat maybe.  She's been off her 
feed for several days now, and would need a couple boxes of 30-06 in her 
slacks to make 80 lbs.  So I'd better get to it.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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