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> On Thu, Feb 01, 2018 at 06:23:23PM +0900, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> > > Well, not sure what went wrong, but it's workig now, thanks.
> > 
> > and now you don't end up with 2 titlebars. remember gtk ALSO draws the
> > shadow (if there is one) and thi will add extra padding/gap of transparent
> > shadow between the CSD border and e's border and really it all just looks
> > horrible. the best solution is what you are doing now... get gtk to stop
> > doing CSD
> > 
> > but note. CSD is becoming more common especially thanks to wayland being CSD
> > out of the box, and frankly doing things like "tabs in the titlebar" isn't
> > really a doable thing in general without CSD (some may want tabs, tabs +
> > other controls, perhaps a range of extended controls, status's and buttons
> > and so on), so CSD seems to be the direction. even EFL can now do CSD in
> > x11 (but its off by default. an env var enables it). vincent is looking to
> > add CSD to efl windows support too (to be honest... efl looks bad with
> > borders that don't match he content... so CSD can fix that).
> I must be missing something, but I do have 2 title bars with 
> gtk3-nocsd gthumb
> The only thing this removes is that I don't have 2 sets of
> minimize/maximize buttons, which I well would have been ok with.

well i think it's because with gtk3 now the titlebar is also like the menu bar
and "toolbar" and so on... this is their ux design direction. it removes as
much of the "titlebar" bits as it can without removing actual functionality. it
also removes the request to be borderless etc.

> Basically, this is no better outside of removing 3 small icons in the
> corner, than E adding the title bar on top of the unmodified window.
> Another way to say, that if E just let me ignore what the app is trying
> to force on me, I would have been entirely fine without this probably
> will break later .so hack.

actually it'll remove the drop shadow too that would otherwise be there too
around the border (well assuming it was the default gtk out of the box theme
that had this)

> Should I send a screenshot (which will be blocked by the list again), or
> is what I'm saying making sense, somewhat?
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