On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 03:37:52PM +1100, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> Here's my take on this ...
Thanks for your reply.
So I will freely admit that my ignorance on how some things work, may be
getting in the way.
Maybe you can help with my lost functionality.
I double click on the title bar, the application window rolls up into
the title bar.
How do I do this with CSD? 
(E calls it "shade" if that helps, and it's not in the right click menu,
which even if it were, it's more work to get to that, than a quick
roll/unroll with double click)

If I right click on gthumb title bar, I get the gtk menu which doesn't
know what shade is, so it's not there.
I have to alt right click, and guess what, even there shade is gone on
gthumb, but it's there on other apps.

> ... this is not a bad thing. Diversity is a strength, and you have to
> accept that not everyone will build toolkits, apps, etc, the way you'd like
> them to.
I don't agree on that point, it's never been the year of the desktop
because of how many incompatible tookits we have, how there are 5 (or
8?) different ways that you need to fix DPI and so forth. It's
But that's another discussion...

> People say they've lost functionality. What functionality? In E, you can

See above. Shade is gone.

> Frankly, the solution that some people are pushing for - that E render an
> additional border around CSD - is going to look ridiculous, and I can't
> imagine even those against CSD would be happy with it.

It does not look great, but I don't care. I use shade all the time every
day, I get very unhappy if it's gone. 
A slightly imperfect look is a very small price to pay for me to get it
back :)
(but again, how it would look only matters to those who actually care to
get this and would specifically request it, so no one would otherwise be
At the risk of repeating, E used to allow this, I have used it in the
past (admittedly several years ago now), and it worked. I had to
explicitely re-add a border to a borderless window, and you could not do
this by mistake or had the right to complain if you did so and then
didn't like the look so much :)

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