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On Sat, Feb 03, 2018 at 03:37:52PM +1100, Daniel Kasak wrote:
> > Here's my take on this ...
> Thanks for your reply.

No worries :)

> So I will freely admit that my ignorance on how some things work, may be
> getting in the way.
> Maybe you can help with my lost functionality.
> I double click on the title bar, the application window rolls up into
> the title bar.
> How do I do this with CSD?
> (E calls it "shade" if that helps, and it's not in the right click menu,
> which even if it were, it's more work to get to that, than a quick
> roll/unroll with double click)

Set up a mouse or key binding for this. Go into the settings panel. Find
'Input' along the top and click it. You'll see 'Edge Bindings', then 'Key
Bindings' and 'Mouse Bindings'. Choose one of 'Key Bindings' or 'Mouse
Bindings'. Let's pretend you're going to set up a key binding, using the
key combo of Super ( Windows key ) and S. Hit 'Key Bindings'. In the window
that appears, hit the 'Add' button. A dialog will appear, asking you to
'Press a key combination'. Hit Super ( Windows ) and S keys together. Now,
go immediately to the right-hand column ( Action ), and scroll down almost
to the bottom, to the 'Window: State' section. Select 'Shade Up Mode
Toggle' and hit 'Apply'. Now try it - point at a window, and hit Super+S.
It should shade. Everybody wins :) Key + Mouse bindings rock.

> If I right click on gthumb title bar, I get the gtk menu which doesn't
> know what shade is, so it's not there.
> I have to alt right click, and guess what, even there shade is gone on
> gthumb, but it's there on other apps.
> > ... this is not a bad thing. Diversity is a strength, and you have to
> > accept that not everyone will build toolkits, apps, etc, the way you'd
> like
> > them to.
> I don't agree on that point, it's never been the year of the desktop
> because of how many incompatible tookits we have, how there are 5 (or
> 8?) different ways that you need to fix DPI and so forth. It's
> ridiculous.
> But that's another discussion...

It is a different discussion, but IMHO, in the list of reasons why
Linux-on-the-Desktop hasn't taken off, diversity of toolkits etc doesn't
rank at all. You have to keep in mind - open-source software doesn't have a
massive marketing machine behind it, and doesn't have the vendor lock-in
and dodgy business practices that help keep other players on top. What
works for them ( or what they claim works for them, eg consistent user
experience ), won't necessarily work for open-source, and in fact it's the
diversity and choice that keeps people like me hacking on open-source
projects. Remove that, and I'd probably pack up my stuff and head to OSX (
with a heavy heart ).

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