Hey Keith,


When this happens, you're accessing the device running Firefox remotely
correct? Either through a service like Citrix, or RDP? Or is 64-bit Firefox
simply not working on your Server 2008 R2 device?





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but.. it's clearly 'working'.




FYI - the pages not displaying issue happens even without an active ICA
(Citrix) connection.


I had the same issue installing FF v58.02 x64 on Server 2008 R2.  Once I
installed FF v58.02 x86 the pages were displayed correctly (ICA, RDP and
console).  From my research this has been an issue since FF v58 was
released, and v58.01 was to fix a security issue and this display issue





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but.. it's clearly 'working'.


I was just looking over this Citrix Receiver product, and I have to be
honest, I'm not sure what service it's offering. Can you explain a bit more
what you're using this for?


FYI I filed a bug on this for investigation - 

 <https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1437863> Bug 1437863 - No
content displayed in 64-bit Firefox with Citrix Receiver



Jim Mathies



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Subject: [Mozilla Enterprise] Firefox + Citrix = No display of pages; but..
it's clearly 'working'.


FF Ent list.. 


Here's my lashup:


1.      Trying to do Firefox within Citrix alongside of other browsers. FF
58.0.2. 64-bit on Server 2016 / Citrix 7.9.
2.      When I run Firefox from Citrix Receiver, it launches fine.
3.      Typing items in the search bar demonstrates that pre-fetched
searches / internet connection is working. https://cl.ly/3C3C1f3K2o16
4.      Then clicking upon / doing directly to any URL. gets me this:
5.      Other browsers are cooporating from within Citrix Receiver client.
Problem this moment is only FF. 
6.      Also.. Going to about:config .. same. Just nothing. Cannot access
while using Citrix Receiver. (Works fine while ON the Citrix server.)
7.      About:preferences.. does work.. and my thought was to turn off
Hardware Acceleration.. which is now set like this:
8.      When I run Firefox from within the Citrix server itself.. All is
perfectly perfect. All webpages load as expected.
9.      The key takeaway though is.. The "New Tab" . animation is going.
(Super small animated gif / video demo: https://cl.ly/3F1n2G2k1z3p
CmWUdV7YfxDoZnTYaiCDQdsPxDLbV5AjcODdqZeS_ko,&typo=1>  ) and the page never


Ideas? Thanks in advance.. 



Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP 

Founder PolicyPak Software

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