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Oggetto: Re: [ED] Tournament Partnership with Game Advisors

Hi Liam, mailing lists are still a good way to communicate and (non-European) 
Reddit trolls are much less present. Also, this list has a lot of Europeans who 
care about the topic. Should everyone change their normal way of communicating 
because of this topic? Why not in this setting?



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Subject: Re: [ED] Tournament Partnership with Game Advisors

Hi Olivier Cassart, ED, and anyone else interested in this topic.

Good to see the debate is alive and well. Something I would fully encourage, 
but perhaps not in this setting.

I see a great deal of misconception in your comments, which is something I look 
forward to talking about.

Perhaps a Reddit AMA or something along those lines. I'm open to ideas.

In short: keen and encouraging of a discussion, disagreement and different 
opinions and perspectives - as SOTG says.

Please do get in touch directly and we can set something up.

Kind regards.


Sincerely, Liam Kelly

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