The following info is per my master mechanic when assembling a different engine 
or motor in a vehicle.  

Before removing the original engine, place the vehicle on a level grade at full 

Measure the distance from the transmission yoke to grade and the differential 
yoke to grade.  Calculated the angle of the drive shaft.  You could also use a 
angle level place on the drive line which will show you the angle.  This is the 
angle of the drive line you must retain when changing to a new engine or motor. 

Also measure the transmission yoke slip or the amount of travel the yoke slips 
out of the transmission while on grade.  

Now jack the rear wheels off grade and repeat the above measurements again.  
The drive angle and yoke slip will change.  Record this change too.   

The drive line angle and yoke slippage should be the same with a new engine or 
electric motor installation.  You will note in some vehicles, the transmission 
cross member has a slut while the transmission yoke clearance can be adjusted 
for maintaining the same amount of slip that is use in different prime movers. 

Some of the guys had a problem with vibration and  scrapping, because they had 
there drive line in a straight line or at not at the original design angle.  

The reason for the drive line angle, is so the needle bearings in the U-joints 
will rotate.  If the drive line is too inline, then the needle bearings will 
wear a flat spot, causing the drive line to buckle or try to misalign.  

In some transmission drive line assemblies, you will note there may be a 
balance weight welded to the drive line near a yoke.  Make sure if the yokes 
were replace or had the drive line shorten, the balance weight is place in the 
same position as before either at the transmission end or at the differential 

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  Didn't know if anyone had any clues to a problem I'm having.

  Since I have my new Lithium pack, I've getting my 65 Datsun out on the 
highway and up to ~ 60 mph. Never did much of that before.
  When accelerating, I don't experience it, but when I let off the accelerator, 
I'm getting a pretty good vibration.
  Step back on the accelerator, and it goes away.
  Don't seem to notice it at 45mph and lower, but when going 55 - 60 mph.
  I just put new tires on it, and have had the front end aligned.

  Any suggestions ?

  Elsberry, MO<><> 

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