Looks good on a Kindle Fire HDX.  I have no idea what the Silk browser version 


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>Looks good on Firefox and IE.
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>Hi gang,
>I've been adding content to the Sunrise EV website in an effort to make
>it more useful. I just added documentation on the Henney Kilowatt 
>rectactor controller (the earliest solid-state controller that I know
>I'm no web designer, so I stick with simple HTML4 for everything to
>it simple and small. I tried something new here, and am wondering if it
>works on other people's computers.
>If you have a moment, go to http://www.sunrise-ev.com and about halfway
>down the page under Recent Updates, click the "Motor Controllers" link.
>That should take you to the controllers page. Halfway down that page is
>the Henney schematic. It has a series of clickable links for off,
>slow, medium, fast, etc. Clicking them should change the schematic to 
>show the current paths in red for each speed.
>If they work, great! If there's a problem, could you send me an email 
>(off list at leeah...@earthlink.net) so I can figure out what I'm doing
>wrong and fix it? Thanks!

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