Though not challenged in that particular way, I also appreciate that most
blind people can read a well constructed HTML page.


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> I think with all the responses trying your html page from different
> browsers
> on various OS', I believe you have a good page.
> Not that it is needed, I also had good success bringing your page up on:
> Firefox, Opera, SeaMonkey (a Firefox version) when on Windows and when on
> Linux.
> I have found web pages using simple, straight-forward html 4.0 code have a
> good common denominator compatibility (the page will work on the majority
> of
> situations). It is when a web designer decides to get fancy and apply their
> College course training using flash, shockwave, & others, that web pages
> can
> have issues in different situations (the page may not be as 'pretty',
> wiz-bang, or 'cool', but the information and or message will get across to
> a
> majority of viewers).
> {}
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