This is a question that comes up from time to time, especially when my
colleagues see the bike I ride to work and casually ask how long the
ride is, after which we often find out that I ride father to work than
they drive
so they get to scratch their heads and wonder if they might start
biking.... someday... (to be fair, one of my colleagues is now almost
daily using his bike in a way where he drives his pickup to a parking
lot 1 mile from work, then he bikes over and also goes to lunch on bike
and in the evening uses the combination bike and pickup again. One day
he'll become daring enough to take his bike the whole way ;-)

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I wonder how many could have bypassed using a car altogether, and ridden
a bike or taken a bus.

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> On Aug 29, 2014, at 9:14 PM, Dennis Miles <>
> 85% of driven trip miles were under 39 miles.   Also,
> 99% of driven trip miles were less than 100 miles ,
> leaving only 1% of  trip miles being over 100 miles.
> Less than one percent of trips are over 100 miles.
> That suggests that three trips per year are over 100 miles. Not having
> the original source you have confused the data, possibly because of my
> presentation, of the original data. "Sorry about that." Driven trip
> miles are per calendar day.  There are 365 days per year, and one
> percent is 3.65 days with trips over 100 miles for 99 % of automobile
> drivers. Then One percent drive in excess of 100 miles each day , that
> is three million drivers who regularly drive in excess of 100 miles in
> their daily total miles driven. I am sorry to have confused the issue.
> I had an excellent graphic illustrating this data from the same US
> Government agency who performed the research study, but I lost it when
> my computer hard drive crashed last Spring. Perhaps it is still
> available on the internet but my service (Hughesnet) limits my usage
> toward the end of the month when my allotment is exceeded...
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