It seems that the numbers don't lie.  There is now a proven design which will 
allow you very good range with a small battery pack and good speed.  The 
Stella.  My next project after the electric motorcycle will be a road going 
vehicle with a top of solar panels.  The Stella proves ugly is good at least 
for a family solar car.  I'm going to build mine using a Leaf battery pack.  It 
will be heavier than the Stella and have more battery capacity  but that is not 
set in stone.I will make a tear drop tube frame and cover it using light 
plastic or abs sheet.  The vehicle will look like a tadpole with a wide tail.  
The Stella proves you can have a very blunt front edge and still have efficient 
CD.  I'll use four hub motors.   Seating for four or 6 will be slightly 
recumbent.  Small space in rear for storage.  It will be very similar to the 
Stella in looks but a lot simpler.  I don't want to reinvent the wheel.  It 
would be nice if it could cruise at 25 or
 thirty mph and still charge the battery.    However I'd be happy if it would 
charge in a day of bright sunlight and have a 200 mile range.  Now to source 
the parts.  That's where the group can help.  The Stella used individual solar 
panels laminated into the roof of the vehicle.  What is the best to use to get 
at least 1.2kw?  Bicycle hub motors.  What are the most efficient for the 
money?  Using four if they are all 10000 watt motors this should do the job for 
freeway speeds.  A Rudman charger of some sort unless the solar panels are 
enough.  Simple disc brakes when not using regen.  I'll be making the frame 
from bicycle chromoly.  I'm going to try to get Zzipper to make the 
windshield..  All comments are welcome.  Lawrence Rhodes
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