While it is possible to run off the panels alone, it will not attain 40MPH.
Even in full (straight above noontime summer sun) when the panels produce
1200W, the max speed from just the panels is 1200W/35Wh per km = 34km/h which 
means 21 MPH max speed.
Only by supplementing the solar power from the panels with battery power is the 
Stella able to reach 40MPH. The math is simple.
NOTE that this does not take into account wind and other resistance effects, so 
the actual attainable speed is likely slightly different as the consumption 
will likely be different from 35Wh per km at 21 and 40 MPH.
But it won't be much different and the idea stays the same - there is a (low) 
speed under which the Stella will consume less than the panels in full sun 
produce and above that it will drain the battery. Of course, when there is a 
need to slow down the battery will again be charged a little, but at 40MPH 
constant speed on flat terrain there will be a constant drain from the battery 
at about the same rate as the energy produced by the panels, since the power 
demand is about double what the panels deliver.

Hope this clarifies,

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I want my vehicle to be so efficient that the panels can run the vehicle at 30 
to 40 mph under bright sunlight.  The Stella has an efficiency of 35 wh per km 
which makes it possible to run on the panels alone.  Lawrence Rhodes

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